When Ramsey Scores Someone Dies

This is one for Ripleys Believe it or Not. Foxsports reports that Football fans are claiming whenever Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey scores someone dies. 

One Aaron Ramsey

Only One Aaron Ramsey maybe that's a good thing. Image by wonker via Flickr


 Barclays Premier League star Aaron Ramsey has been bizarrely linked to Whitney Houston's death by soccer fans after a series of odd coincidences.


Every time the Arsenal midfielder scores, a famous figure dies. The singing superstar was the fourth in under a year.

Her body was found hours after Ramsey, 21, netted during Arsenal's Barclays Premier League game at Sunderland on the weekend, a game the Gunners won 2-1.

The coincidences began last May, when the Wales captain scored for Arsenal against Manchester United. The next day, al Qaeda terrorist leader Usama Bin Laden was killed.

In October, Ramsey scored against Tottenham Hotspur, three days before Apple boss Steve Jobs died.

Later that month, he scored against Marseille in the UEFA Champions League. The next day, Libyan tyrant Moamar Ghadafi was shot.

By Max Power


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