Wenger Out? So What Sort of Football Club Do You Want?

Why Arsenal is a Real Football Club

This week Arsenal qualified for the knock out rounds of the European Champions League for the 15th consecutive year, by beating top German side Borussia Dortmund 2-0. Three days later, at the very next match, some Arsenal fans unfurled a banner asking for the resignation of their manager, by far the longest serving in the Premier League.

In recent seasons the tirade of abuse directed at the manager and some of the most loyal and reliable players has been non-stop, by some of the people who call themselves Arsenal supporters. So it raises the questions what sort of club do they want and is Arsenal really the club for them?

Arsenal Wenger out Banner

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Arsenal has been one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the top flight of English football since the 1930′s. With an exceptional run of trophy gathering in the early days of Arsene Wenger‘s reign as club manager. But in recent years success has been limited, with a complete major trophy drought of nine years ending in May, when they lifted the FA Cup.

While certain sections have been calling for the head of the manager and any player who has failed to perform miracles, there have been some very solid reasons for that lack of success.

During that period Arsenal have built what is arguably the best modern stadium in the country and financed it themselves. Meanwhile other clubs, who were previously known only for their scant success in major competitions, have acquired billionaire owners, with apparently bottomless pockets and win at any cost attitudes.

Olivier Giroud goal v Man Utd

Olivier Giroud, despite a broken leg, has scored 3 times as many goals this season than Man Utd’s £43.5 million Radamel Falcao.

Chelsea and Manchester City have spent untold millions of pounds on players and had a revolving door policy for managers and coaches, in their efforts to secure the top honours. No transfer fee or salary demand was too high and no manager was secure unless a major trophy was acquired… and in Chelsea‘s case even when they were.

Both of these clubs have become billionaire’s playthings. Men who have so much money that they can think of nothing better to do with it than buy themselves some football trophies.

They do not operate as profitable businesses, making huge trading losses year after year and have no player development structure to talk of, bringing in only ready made, mercenary players who have been nurtured at other clubs.

The same is true of their managers and coaches, who have been fired on a whim when the owners didn’t see instant gratification, or thought that there was someone else out there who could get it for them.

This rapid success policy seems very appealing to a large number of Arsenal fans, many of whom I suspect came on board during the heady days when Mr Wenger was picking up trophies when he wanted.

So before people call for the head of the coach, or bag the hugely talented squad that Arsenal now have, maybe they should reconsider if Arsenal is the right club for them.

Is instant gratification all you are looking for?

Do you believe that players should be recruited who score goals, even if they have no moral code or compass and frequently behave incredibly badly on and off the field, like Suarez, Balotelli and Tevez?

Is the prospect of regular trophies really worth selling your soul for?

If you can answer yes to those questions, then I suggest that your move you allegiance west to Chelski, or, like so many other Londoners, pick yourself up a Manchester team.

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By Max Power


  1. Yes it’s fine taking the moral high ground all the time & up to a couple of years ago I would have agreed with most of what you have said on here.
    However you appear to have missed a very important issue here, our current board deserve no respect @ all the way they have treated paying fans for @ least 2-3 season. The club HAS had the money over that period to do exactly what they said they were going to do many years back when the Emirates dream was first given to us. The Club are NOW reneging on that promise after relentlessly charging for the most expensive tickets in the prem if not the world, The Club is currently holding on to £200m in the bank & if the last two transfer windows are anything to go by it will close £250-300mil by the end of this financial year. You cannot trust this board, the supporters are looked just as being cash cows, & that will not change until we lose the yank owner or until gets his money back anyway.
    Funny he paid £350mil for his shares let’s see what happens to that £250-300mil by the end of the 4th qtr., as a heads up he’s already been taking money out the back door by way offshore management fees currently showing in last year’s final statement.

  2. to start with the statement above is disrespectful to arsenal diehard fans,
    ” If you can answer yes to those questions, then I
    suggest that your move you allegiance west to
    Chelski , or, like so many other Londoners, pick
    yourself up a Manchester team.”
    this is very rude statement . I am arsenal fan to stay and can’t be a manager fanatic, if he is wrong(which is common to every human being) i must point it out.
    To the above reply, will we always talk about the stadium and forget that we need winning mentality??? Thanks to AW we have now have the stadium but that now 8 yrs down since its completion and if am not wrong 3 yrs since clearing all the debts accrued to the stadium. Nice, i give AW a thump up.
    now come to his management tacktics on the pitch:
    Is Arsenal problem Wenger or the players
    are not gud enough and are not giving their all”
    -Well who buys and selects the players to start?
    Is it not Wenger? He decides not to buy the good
    enough players for our team and it is also him
    who decides that Sanogo is better than Campbell/
    Podolski, so dont blame the players it’s HE,
    2.”Don’t blame Wenger the board are the one’s
    that don’t give Wenger the money to spend”
    -Are u serious?? Arsenal is not a poor team it’s
    one of the wealthiest in the world and we
    currently have this squad because Wenger thinks
    or believes the squad is good enough to win the
    league, so don’t fool yourself, WENGER IS THE
    3. “Wenger is not the problem, the squad is good
    enough but we are just unlucky with the injuries”
    -If the squad was strong and well balanced do
    you think we could’ve worried with injuries??
    No-1 else but Wenger decided we should start
    the season with six defenders and the problems are
    for everyone to see. This season did we need a DM to cover our defence????? Who made choice not to sign?? the fans???
    4.”Wenger is great and no other can do better
    than him, he kept us in top4 and qualified for
    knock-out stages in 18 consecutive years”
    -The question that you should ask yourself is that
    yes we were better in his first 8yrs but what has
    he done in the last 10yrs? Win’n an FA cup in
    10yrs is that good enough?? Yes w’ve qualified
    for the UCL but what have we done there?
    Reaching one final in 18yrs is that good enough??
    What we want from our team is for it to be a
    force in europe and a title contender in epl, we
    are neither of those at the moment with Wenger
    and am sure we will never be with Wenger. Thats
    why we need CHANGE!.
    Look what a coach like Diego simeone has achieved in recent seasons, and compare atletico spending to arsenal spending and think outside the box.
    Its not a must we spent heavily for us to be topflight but having the right play, right coach and all with a winning mentality.

    • Thanks Peter for your comments, not all of which I disagree with.

      However I must point out first of all, that my post was not “disrespectful to arsenal diehard fans”, only to the ‘fans’ who bash the boss and the current players.

      Like most Arsenal supporters Wenger frustrates the hell out of me at times too. The players we never pick up, the gaps that are never filled and failing to do what seems obvious to the rest of us, much of the time. But the rest of us have never run a major successful football club, have we?

      The problem, as I see it, is that most of the “Wenger Out” crowd do not compare like with like. Yes Arsenal are a wealthy club, but who knows, outside of the club, how much of that is wealth is freed up for buying players? Certainly not all of it, according to the figures linked to above and maybe that is not a bad thing.

      Who is to say how long these other clubs billionaire benefactors are going to be around and do we want to see Arsenal go the way of clubs like Coventry, Portsmouth, Crystal Palace, Southampton and Leeds, who have all been in financial administration in the last 10 years, because of poor financial management.

      Many of the ‘supporters’ levelling their criticism at Wenger and the players have unreal expectations, based on the exploits of the billionaires play things, Chelsea and Man City. But to me the only successful English side that Arsenal have competed with on a level playing field in recent years is Manchester United and yes we’ve done worse than them, but a change is gonna come and it is already happening, despite the poor start to this season

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